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Everyone is Welcome!

This is not a slogan, this is who we are. Everyone is welcome at St. Patrick's. We don't do background checks, no recommedations are necessary, and you don't have to sign a declaration of faith. We are a parish of people who are seeking to find God. We are at different places along the way. We support each other, we study, we ask questions. Together, we grow in faith and spirit. 

Join Us

Yes, you. We encourage people to hang out for a while and, when you are ready, join us. It is easy, but you should pray about it and make sure that you are willing to take on the responsibility of being a parishioner of St. Patrick's. We have three expectations of members:


We believe that worship, especially the Eucahrist, is at the center of our parish life. Parishioners are asked to attend one of our Sunday worship services as often as possible. We do it every Sunday of the year. Consistent Sunday presence will provide great benefit in the spiritual realm. When we worship, we seek solace, strength, pardon, and renewal. We also build relationships with others on the path of faith and those relationships are the way the Holy Spirit lifts us up. Find out about when we worship


At the end of worship, we are sent forth with these or similar words: "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!" Worship gives us something deeply renewing that inspires us to serve. With that kind of call, parishioners are expected to do something for God. There are plenty of ways to participate in the life of St. Patrick's: responding to a social concern, organizing a program, attending Bible study or a prayer group, helping making our worship meaningful, taking a leadership position, and other service beyond the walls of St. Patrick's. Participation calls us to evaluate our gifts and then offer them to the community. Find out more about our ministries.


God is generous and we are blessed. We are called to share our gifts and blessings to support the mission of God's Church. Some of these offerings are made through our gifts and talents, but there is also an expectation that members make a financial committement to God's mission at St. Patrick's. The Bible says that a tithe (10%) is an appropriate offering. We hope that everyone works to give meaningfully, so that St. Patrick's can better fulfill God's mission. No matter what you are able to give, your pledge to the life and ministries of this parish make a difference. St. Patrick's can't survive without the support of its members (90% of our annual income comes from parishioner pledges). This has been true since 1911. Over a years, contributions of parishioners have made all the ministries we now enjoy possible. We are responsible for passing this legacy to the next generation. Make your annual pledge commitment to St. Patrick's today. 

Next Step

If you decide to join St. Patrick's, contact our Parish Administrator, Karen Melchar, at the Church Office (202.342.2800). She will record your information and connect you with a member of the clergy, so that we can work together to find the ways to fit into the life of St. Patrick's. 


Baptism is the universal initiation rite of Christianity since the time of Jesus nearly 2000 years ago. It is one of the primary sacraments of the Episcopal Church. People of any age can be baptized. If you are interested in joining St. Patrick's and have not been baptized in the Episcopal Church or another Christian denomination, please consider baptism. Please contact the Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard (202.342.2828) if you want to be baptized at St. Patrick's. 

Want to learn more?

At the beginning of 2019, we will be offering a 6-week Discovery class to learn about the Christian faith and about the Episcopal Church, what our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls, "The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement." The course will be discussion based and led by our Rector, the Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard. If you want more information about this introduction, please contact the Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard (202.342.2828).