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This Week at St. Patrick's April 11, 2018

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Grace and peace. As you know, my father died on Good Friday. We decided, on his behalf, that his last days would be spent in hospice. It was the humane thing at that stage of his life and it led to an alleviation of his suffering. There will be a time, if it hasn’t already happened to you, when you will be faced with decisions about how to die. The number of variables are complex, so it is important to think about your hopes before they happen.

This Sunday, we begin a series of forums titled Finding Peace. It opens with a celebration of parishioners Mona Hanford and Lalie Tongour’s book, The Graceful Exit. The book is the capstone of Mona's work with caregiving at the end of life and she will be talking about some of the highlights. As part of the celebration of this book, several parishioners have attained copies and will be offering them as a fundraiser for St. Patrick’s. All money collected for books will go directly to the ministries of St. Patrick’s. I hope that you will join us at St. Patrick’s this Sunday after the 10:30am service for this special kickoff program to our 4-part series. Caregiving is so much more fulfilling within a community of love. 



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