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This Week at St. Patrick's April 12, 2017

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Grace and peace. We are now in the middle of Holy Week. The upcoming days are extremely important ones in the Christian story. That is why we will hold special services before our grand Easter celebrations on Sunday morning. I hope that you will be there to commemorate these momentous events.
Thursday, April 13 at 6:30pm – Maundy Thursday – For the past several years, we have celebrated Maundy Thursday with a simple dinner, foot washing (optional), and communion. Maundy Thursday is the remembrance of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, which was held on the Feast of Passover. We will hear the story retold while we eat in the Great Hall and, in the end, we will strip the altar in preparation for Good Friday.
Friday, April 14 at Noon – Good Friday – We will celebrate the traditional service of the day on Friday at noon. The Bible records that Jesus’ crucifixion began at midday and that Jesus’ breathed his last at 3pm. Our service will not last three hours (ours will be less than an hour), but it will be a somber remembrance of the significance of the cross, a retelling of the Passion narrative, and a sermon.
Friday, April 14 at 7:30pm – Good Friday – We will walk a modified Stations of the Cross at St. Patrick’s. In Jerusalem, pilgrims often walk the streets of Jerusalem remembering Jesus’ trek to Golgotha. We will walk shorter distances around our facility. At each station, we will hear a passage of scripture and a reflection. Lesley Riddle, one of our featured vocalists, will sing several moving pieces along the way. We always need readers. Please let me know if you want to participate ( ).
Sunday, April 16 – Easter – We have two services on Easter Sunday. We are celebrating Jesus’ defeat of death and the return of God’s heavenly kingdom on earth.
            9:00am – The Sunday School service will begin outside with the lighting of the new fire which symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus. We will then process inside where we will celebrate two baptisms and will hear a sermon aimed at sharing the joys of Easter with younger people, and celebrate Holy Communion. This service will also include special musicians who will channel their gifts and talents to share the spirit of Easter.
            10:30am – The traditional service will include a festive procession, the Cantoris Choir and other special musicians, a sermon for adults and older youth, and the celebration of Holy Communion. Easter at St. Patrick’s is the most beautiful service of the year. If you or someone you know would like to carry a torch during the procession, please let me know. ( ). 
I send you my Easter blessings. 



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