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This Week at St. Patrick's April 17, 2019

Posted by The Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard on

From the Rector

Grace and peace. I write you during Holy Week in hope that you will join your St. Patrick’s family for opportunities to explore the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection over the next several days culminating with Easter Day at 10am.

Maundy Thursday (April 18)– the commemoration of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples in Jerusalem. Jesus demonstrated his servanthood by washing his disciples’ feet and then broke bread and shared a common cup with them which has become a symbol of the unity between Christians through the generations. We mark this day with a dinner in the Great Hall with opportunities to hear the story and experience it with others. Maundy Thursday at St. Patrick’s is a family-friendly experience that provides meaning and context. Everyone can grow through this experience, so I hope that you will be there tomorrow (April 18) at 6:30pm
Good Friday (April 19)– Jesus’ trial and crucifixion occurred on Friday morning with his death at noon (Mark 15.33). This is a day to acknowledge suffering. We all experience it from time to time and it is therefore important to reflect deeply on its meaning. At the noon liturgy, we hear the passion narrative and spend time in prayer and reflection. The sermon will be offered by the Rev. Jenifer Gamber. In the evening, we will walk the way of Jesus through the city of Jerusalem in the traditional Stations of the Cross at 7:30pm. Our Stations sites are around our campus and will be highlighted with spoken and musical reflections. 
This year, we offer a special Good Friday for children offering at 4:30pm. We encourage children (Grade 5 and younger) and parents to join us for a four-part experiential workshop to better understand Holy Week (from Palm Sunday to Easter). If you want more information or are willing to help, please contact me
In preparation for Easter Day, the St. Patrick’s youth are invited to an Easter Egg Hiding and Dyeing party on Saturday, April 20 from 5:30-7:30. We will eat pizza and prepare the playground for a giant Easter Egg Hunt after services on Easter Day. If you are a youth (Grade 6-12), we need your help and hope that you will attend. Let Lalie Tongour know if you plan to be there. 
Easter Day is the celebration of the Resurrection. Jesus predicted that it would happen, but the disciples were still surprised. The resurrection means everything to Christians. It is love and life winning out over hate and death. The festival service at 10am on April 21 will mark this joyous occasion with special music, a message of love and excitement, and the celebration of new life. The service, which will include baptisms, will be followed by a reception and Easter Egg Hunt. We do celebrate Easter every Sunday of the year, but Easter Day is the ultimate reminder of Jesus’ compassionate love for all people. 
I write to you today about the many opportunities at St. Patrick’s over the next four days. I hope to see you here and that you will invite others to join us. 
Walk in love as Christ loves us,

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