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This Week at St. Patrick's April 25, 2018

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Grace and peace. We have had two amazing weeks in the Finding Peace series on Sundays at St. Patrick’s. The first was Mona Hanford and Lalie Tongour talking about their new book, The Graceful Exit. Last Sunday, we heard from the Rev. Dr. Larry Packard about Christian Caregiving (watch video). This week we will be treated to a performance of the award-winning one act play, The Actual Dance. The purpose of writing and performing this one-hour play is to open up conversation about life, cancer, and death. It has been performed in hospitals, seminaries, churches, synagogues, and theaters. It has won acclaim for how it opens up really important topics. We are lucky that it will be performed at St. Patrick’s this Sunday beginning at 11:45am in the Nave. It is thanks to Sam Simon, the playwright and actor, who is a friend of the Vaughns. I do hope that you will make every effort to attend this Sunday. 
Last Saturday, we staged the annual Rummage Sale. I want to thank everyone who volunteered in all stages of the sale and particularly the co-chairs Tricia Duncan and Marilyn Nowalk with lots of support from Stacy Smith and Karen Melchar. See more information below about the Rummage Sale. 



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