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This Week at St. Patrick's April 5, 2017

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Grace and peace. On Sunday, my sermon was about hearing the story, including the challenging parts, so that the great moments are so much more meaningful. This is true of the Christian story, but it is also true of our lives. As we approach Easter, please consider reading a portion of the Gospel story every day. Start today! It will prepare you for the celebration of Easter on April 16.
Sunday, April 2 – John 11:1-45
Monday, April 3 – John 11:45–53
Tuesday, April 4 – John 12:1-11
Wednesday, April 5 – John 12:20-36 (Healing Eucharist – 11am)
Thursday, April 6John 12:36-50
Friday, April 7 – Luke 20.1-19
Saturday, April 8Luke 20:20-40
Sunday, April 9 - Matthew 21:1-11 (Palm Sunday services - 9am and 10:30am)
Monday, April 10John 13:1-17, 31b-35
Tuesday, April 11John 13:21-32
Wednesday, April 12Luke 22:1-13 (Healing Eucharist – 11am)
Thursday, April 13Luke 22:14-30, 39-46 (Maundy Thursday dinner and service - 6:30pm)
Friday, April 14John 18:1-19:37 (Good Friday service at noon, Stations of the Cross - 7:30pm)
Saturday, April 15John 19:38-42
Sunday, April 16John 20:1-18 (Easter services – 9am and 10:30am)
Yesterday, I received word that the Rev. Jesse Anderson, former assistant rector at St. Patrick’s, died on Monday. I don’t know the details about plans for a memorial service, but when I do I will let you know. Jesse was called to St. Patrick’s during the Civil Rights era. He was the first African-American priest called to serve at a church that was not historically black in Washington, DC. The rector, the Rev. Tom Bowers, recalled that half of the St. Patrick’s parishioners walked out when he was introduced. The next week, new people with a vision of racial equality in turbulent times joined this parish. Jesse’s time at St. Patrick’s opened many opportunities to serve in this city including our partnership with St. Philip’s in Anacostia and our connection with now retired sexton Cleveland Barnes. Later in his career, he served as the Rector of St. Thomas Church in Philadelphia, the church founded by Absalom Jones in 1792. May his soul rest in peace.



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