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This Week at St. Patrick's January 2, 2019

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From the Rector

Merry Christmas! The Christmas season continues until Sunday’s Epiphany celebration. The Rev. Canon Sam Van Culin, the former Secretary General of the Anglican Consultitive Council from 1983-1994, will be our guest preacher. He is a canon of Washington National Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem. We are lucky to have him at St. Patrick’s on the same day as the last session of our adult forum exploring the Anglican Communion. 
Happy New Year! Yesterday was the beginning of 2019 and, coincidentally, my birthday. The New Year is a time when people make resolutions for transformation. Shortly thereafter, we have a tendency to return to comfortable ways. I believe success in transformation requires the support of our community. I encourage you to join the Ways of Love series beginning on Sunday, January 13th at St. Patrick’s. The Ways of Love are a set of practices that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Bishop Mariann have recommended for a Jesus-centered life. I am confident that joining together on this path will lead to opportunities for peace, hope, joy and love to permeate our lives. Get more information about the Way of Love on and sign up for the Way of Love daily e-devotions (also beginning on January 13) on our website

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PS. Jennifer and I are hosting a Game Night at our home on January 12 from 6:30-9pm. This is a community web event with five seats still available. Please sign up to join us by following this link