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This Week at St. Patrick's January 23, 2019

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Grace and peace. This weekend is the annual Diocesan Convention. St. Patrick’s is one of the 89 parishes in the diocese of Washington. Your delegates to the Convention will meet on Saturday to help make decisions about the future of our diocese under the leadership of Bishop Mariann Budde. On Friday night from 7-9pm, Lalie Tongour and I will be leading a group from St. Patrick’s to a Pre-Convention workshop called The Unstuck Church. The theme of the workshop is how can we change to meet the needs of the 21st century. In other words, how do we continue to spread the Good News, so that God’s love can change the world. We want a group of leaders from St. Patrick’s to take on this task. Please let me know if you are interested in attending the pre-Convention workshop so that I can get you a ticket. 

PS. The Way of Love continued on Sunday with the first in a series of forum to share ideas to reconnect our lives with the Love of Jesus. It continues this Sunday with an exploration of the practice of Learning. If you want to sign up for the daily devotions or listen to the two sermons in the series, please check out the Way of Love page on our website. 

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