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This Week at St. Patrick's January 30, 2019

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Grace and peace. Tomorrow is Karen Melchar’s last day as our Parish Administrator. Karen has been an important person in the life of our staff for the past 11 years. I trust her implicitly and have relied on her trusted input for my entire tenure at St. Patrick’s. Before I got married, Karen had permission to access my house key in my building because I knew she would save my life. So, I don’t know what will happen to us over the next several weeks as we await the start of Mary Beth Howard’s tenure at St. Patrick’s on February 14. I do know that our patterns will change. There is nothing wrong with change and often that helps us see new opportunities. I pray that Karen’s departure will bring her joy and peace. I am thankful that we will continue to have her in our parish life. Look out Rummage Sale!!!
Celebrate Karen’s tenure as our Parish Administrator this Sunday, February 3 at the 10am service. 


PS. The Way of Love continued on Sunday with the first in a series of forum to share ideas to reconnect our lives with the Love of Jesus. It continues this Sunday with an exploration of the practice of Praying. If you want to sign up for the daily devotions or listen to the three sermons in the series, please check out the Way of Love page on our website. 

PSS. Jennifer Gerhard is hosting a community web event on Saturday, February 9 from 2-4. The title is The Art of Chinese Snacking. There are open spots for those who are interested in joining. Learn how to make some savory foods and take some home to share. 

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