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This Week at St. Patrick's July 10, 2019

Posted by The Rev. Jenifer Gamber on

As we welcome back the Rev. Randy Wilkinson as our guest presider and preacher this Sunday, we also reach the midway point in our the summer sermon series, “Living Baptism,” in which we explore what it means to follow Jesus today. This Sunday’s theme “focus on relationships” reminds us that the Christian life is ultimately relational. We are called into ever-widening circles of mutuality with people in our community and out in the world. A central tenet of Christian belief--the Trinity (God, three in one)--embodies the centrality of relationships of love in the Christian life. Love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit flows freely among the three, each submitting to one another in loving service to the other. Each completes the other.

The same is true for our lives. Community completes us. We are meant to be in loving relationship with one another. Being in relationship takes many forms. One vital ministry at St. Patrick's, the Pastoral Care Team, is dedicated to sustaining relationships of care with members of St. Patrick’s who are homebound, in continuing care residencies, or at the hospital and cannot be physically present with us on Sundays or other events. Visiting is a way for all of us to remain in relationship. The Pastoral Care Team visit with parishioners either in person or by phone, sometimes bring meals, and at times offer communion.

If you are interested in visiting members of St. Patrick’s, consider filling out a survey of interest and speak with Martha Johnson or MaryAnn Griffin.


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