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This Week at St. Patrick's July 24, 2019

Posted by The Rev. Jenifer Gamber on

Grace and peace. I give thanks that the heat of the summer has given way, at least for a few days, to more moderate temperatures, giving a rest to those most vulnerable in the city without air-conditioning or adequate housing. This Sunday we will hear a parable about a person who wakes his neighbor up at midnight in need of a loaf of bread because he himself has welcomed an unexpected guest. How inconvenient! While at first the request is denied, after desperate persistence by the friend, the neighbor relents and gives the bread. God is much more than a friend, and eager to respond to our requests. Do not be shy in your requests. 

So, as you make your way through the summer, be persistent in praying for all those who may need a kind “hello” as you pass them on the street, the lonely who would welcome a telephone call, or the thirsty who would welcome a bottle of cold water. As a Eucharistic people, we are God’s bread to be given for the sake of the world. Get involved in the many opportunities at St. Patrick’s to be bread to our neighbors.  

As we have heard in recent sermons, to be followers of Jesus and God’s bread for the world, we must be rooted in and guided by LOVE. A simple word, but filled with complexity and challenge. Consider diving into this topic by joining the Sr. and Jr. Wardens, Vestry and fellow parishioners for a light meal at the Tongours to discuss the book Four Loves by C.S. Lewis on Tuesday, August 6th at 7 pm at the Tongour home (details below). No worries if you haven’t read the book by then. Lalie Tongour will offer a brief synopsis followed by an opportunity to share your own understanding of love through lived experience.


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