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This Week at St. Patrick's July 31, 2019

Posted by Lalie Tongour on

Wednesday News from St. Patrick’s

Greetings Friends. 

You ever notice how we use that word "friend" pretty loosely in this age of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram? Now even though this message is transmitted as a blind-copied email, I need you to know that I consider you more than a faceless social media friend. As the senior warden, I care deeply about the needs and wants of the people of St. Patrick's, and the fact that you are still reading this demonstrates that you do too. We share a kinship.

This week I have been contemplating a deeper meaning of the word friendship along with some other "types of love" outlined in C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves. This book is our St. Patrick's Summer Read and you are all invited to my house to discuss it this Tuesday, August 6 at 7pm. (please RSVP here by the way if you plan on coming!) Has anyone else tried plowing through it? I didn't give folks much time and this classic requires more attention than a simple beach read; however, there are some important concepts that describe what a loving church community should offer and how we may give and receive God's love with each other and with others out in the world. 

I do want to qualify however that Four Loves, originally published in 1960, should be read in the context of the time and place of its author. Lewis' examples of love come from his own mid-twentieth-century England with references to, for example, headmasters and sea captains. Also a product of his times are his views about homosexuality, which are at odds with both the Episcopal Church's teachings and our understanding. Please do know that St. Patrick's and the Episcopal Church affirm that homosexual people are children of God and celebrate the love shared between men and between women in such relationships. Therefore, our discussions will focus on the more eternal concepts that make this book timeless and not so much on the dated references.

I look forward to celebrating with you in the coming week both in the pews this Sunday, as we welcome the newly baptized, and at my home for our dinner and discussion. For those of you traveling or not able come, you too are in our thoughts and prayers!

Walk in Love as Christ loves us. 

Your Friend,


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