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This Week at St. Patrick's June 19, 2019

Posted by The Rev. Jenifer Gamber on

Wednesday News from St. Patrick’s

Grace and peace to you, St. Patrick's beloved community. I give profound thanks for our life together for the sake of the gospel. It was a joy to begin my ministry as priest with you Sunday, the start of the long growing season in the Church Year known as the "Season after Pentecost." We have been gifted by the Holy Spirit, equipped and sent out to share the gospel in our everyday lives. Thank you for the gift of a traveling communion set, a symbol of Christ in the world. Let us all be on the move, traveling together as Christ in the world!

I'd like to draw your attention to a few initiatives. The July 4th parade in the Palisades neighborhood is an opportunity to be present and demonstrate our care for the surrounding neighborhood. Please consider joining us in the parade. Summer months are times for travel. One of my life mottos is "wherever you go, there you are," a motto that can be extended to, "wherever you go, you are Christ in the world." As you travel, consider taking a flat St. Patrick's with you and sending a photo of him on adventure. Lastly, consider joining others to read and discuss Faith at Home, a book dedicated to raising faithful children. All of these opportunities are listed below. Life is full and good!


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