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This Week at St. Patrick's June 27, 2018

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Grace and peace. For some reason, time seems to be speeding up. I am not sure why that is. Last week, I spent the week on our youth partnership trip to Haiti. We got to see the spirit of the people of St. Etienne and offered a 3-day summer camp for their kids. I am thankful for the leadership of Marilyn Nowalk, chaperone Marcy Ference, and the eight high school youth for making the time in Haiti a meaningful experience. So, maybe it was Haiti that makes the time slip by, quickly. 

It could also be that the July 4th holiday is next Wednesday. When I was growing up in Nebraska, it was said that the corn should be “knee high by the Fourth of July.”  At St. Patrick’s, Independence Day is the time when we participate in the annual 4th of July parade. Just think, a week from today we will gather at 10:30am and will start walking in the parade at 11am. So maybe it is the excitement of the mid-summer holiday that is making the time slip by so quickly. 

This Sunday, Jenifer Gamber, our new Assistant to the Rector, will begin serving with us. This is an exciting new chapter in the life of St. Patrick’s. Jenifer will be getting to know many new people and we will be letting her know who we are. So, maybe that excitement is making it seem that the time is slipping by quickly. 

Or maybe, it is because of the Vestry meeting tonight or the revamped Memorial Fireplace, or the new carpet in the Great Hall, or the gorgeous weather outside. All of these things might be contributing to the speeding up of time, but it is most likely that I am getting married in just over a week. There are so many things happening at and around St. Patrick’s. I hope to see you before I take a little break to get hitched to Jennifer Lee.  


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