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This Week at St. Patrick's May 2, 2018

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Grace and peace. We have spent several weeks exploring caregiving and end of life in our adult forums. This Sunday, we will conclude with a session exploring Resurrection Hope with me. I will be talking about what our faith says about death and what that means for our life. I do believe that coming to terms with death frees us to be more open and engaged in the most important things. 
This Friday, the Haiti Committee will be hosting the Hoops for Haiti fundraiser at the Day School. Hoops for a Haiti is a basketball tournament for Day School youth. The entry fees along with corporate sponsorships help fund our mission partners at St. Etienne in Haiti. Over the past several years, this fundraiser has raised, on average, $25,000 per year. Please keep our Haiti efforts in your prayers as the 2018 event is staged. 

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