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This Week at St. Patrick's November 8, 2017

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From the Rector

Grace and peace. There are a few things that are essential to a church. One is to gather people who are seeking direction on their faith journey. Next, they must have a genuine spirit of generosity that exudes from their very being. The last is forming loving relationships that can withstand the ups and downs of life while challenging each of us to grow and be transformed.

The most memorable church experiences in my life have been in groups of people bound together in these types of relationships; they are like a second family. At both services this Sunday, I am going to preach about the power of these relationships and our need to be more engaged in fostering these networks at St. Patrick’s. I do believe it is a key to our long-term health as a church community and an impactful opportunity for our parishioners to build lifelong cohorts that will transform lives.

I do hope to see you this Sunday at either the 9am or 10:30am service and at the Parish Annual Meeting at 9:45am. 


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