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This Week at St. Patrick's October 10, 2018

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Grace and peace. Last Sunday was full of spirit and community. In the morning, we celebrated St. Francis with our annual animal blessing. We had an estimated 40 dogs, a few cats, and some stuffed animals (see pictures below). The Gerhards’ cats stayed at home and got a blessing in absentia as did many other animals. The spirit of the day was amazing. Thanks to the Jubilate Deo choir for singing and for our new acolytes for helping out. In the evening, we had game night with a potluck. Everyone had a fun time and I even learned a new game thanks to Gabby Nelson. 

On October 28, we will begin selling tickets for community web events through our Holy Ghosts and Goblins party after the 10am service. Children are invited to wear their costumes on Sunday morning. Lalie Tongour is looking for hosts for events that will bring us together. Jennifer Gerhard will be offering the Art of Chinese Snacking, for instance. If you have a hobby that you can offer as an event (see below), contact Lalie Tongour. 


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