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This Week at St. Patrick's October 24, 2018

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From the Rector

Grace and peace. Spiritual maturity is fed by a variety of practices that shape our lives. One is generosity, and another is community engagement outside of work and home. Later this week and at the kick-off party on Sunday(children are invited to wear costumes), we will be offering a way to be engaged in meaningful relationships outside of work and home through the Community Web events. Many of you are offering your skills and gifts to offer activities for others to engage in community. Later this week, you will receive an email with specifics on how you can sign up to participate in these fun-filled events that will help us become a stronger community empowered to grow together in faith (more information below). 

Also, this week, you will receive a letter from Tricia Duncan, our stewardship campaign chair and me. You will be asked to make a pledge for the ministries of St. Patrick’s in 2019.  I have learned so much about stewardship throughout my life and I continue to grow in this discipline every year. Of course, the heart of stewardship begins with Jesus. Jesus taught that we need to consider the needs of others before our own. This is very difficult, but just consider if a small portion of that kind of love existed around us. Everything and everyone would be totally transformed. We each must consider ways to move along a path of generosity. 

Stewardship is more than a financial contribution, it is about giving up something that is precious which opens the heart to the needs of others. Jennifer Gerhard and I have made our pledge commitment to St. Patrick’s and we will also give of our gifts and talents to this important community of faith. I do hope that you will pledge (in time, talent, and treasure) to help your church fulfill God’s mission. [Pledge Online Now] [Review what pledging means to the life of St. Patrick’s]. 


P.S. We remember those who have died and continue to inspire us on All Saints' Sunday (November 4, 2018). Please send names of those who have died in the past year that will be read during the service to  and send pictures of important saints in your life to  (please include the person's name).  

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