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This Week at St. Patrick's October 25, 2017

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Grace and peace. Last week, I wrote to you about the generous culture of St. Patrick’s and how that generosity brings with it meaning. This week, I want to celebrate the gifts, talents, and passions of our parishioners. We see it when someone sings, reads, or speaks. We might notice someone’s gift for hospitality, flower arranging, or for organizing the altar for worship. There are other gifts that are harder to see, but when brought to bear on an issue result in astonishing things for our community. I want to thank everyone for sharing your gifts with us.

This Sunday at 10:30am (no 9am service), our Jubilate Deo choir will present a mini-musical about Moses titled, Are We There Yet? Our young people, under the direction of Adele Lynch, have spent hours preparing this offering which will conclude two and a half months of reading about Moses on Sundays. Afterwards, Jocelyn Brown Hall will share her passion for solving food insecurity through her work at the USDA. She is our keynote speaker in our Food for Thought series.

I’ve been here for over 7 years and I am still learning about you. If you have a gift, talent, or passion that in sharing would make our church better, please let me know. You make St. Patrick’s. 


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