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This Week at St. Patrick's October 4, 2017

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From the Rector

There are no words to express the frustration and regret about our culture’s belief weapons that can cause considerable death and destruction in a matter of minutes should be easily available. As I tolled the bell yesterday at noon for those who died in Las Vegas, I was struck by how common mass shooting tragedies have become in our country. I understand that there are reasons that individuals have guns (for hunting, personal security), but I don’t understand how a gun that can shoot that many rounds should be in the hands of those who are not in the military. I also believe that people should not have nuclear reactors and ICBMs in their home. We make laws to create a more civil society and yet there are some who never want to engage in conversation about common sense laws on firearms. I pray that our leaders will lead courageously on this issue.
Laws are only one step. I think the more important (and more difficult work) is to consider our hearts. Our culture needs deep conversations about how we hold grudges and deal with conflict. We bottle things up and let things fester until they explode. One function of a church is to allow people from different walks of life to gather together in community. It is a training ground for how we live outside of Sunday morning. I pray that we can be a community that builds itself on the foundation of love and forgiveness.  
Prayers are important, but our prayers should move us to collective action. Bishop Mariann gathered with other religious leaders on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral to call our leaders into a conversation yesterday. You can read more about that here.
On a personal note, I will be travelling this weekend to be with my family. My dad has Alzheimer’s. He was first diagnosed in 2005. For the past several years, my mom has been caring for him 24 hours a day at their home. On Saturday, he will be moving into an Alzheimer’s unit in Omaha. This was the right decision, but it doesn’t make the transition easy. I will be there over the weekend to help. Please keep my family in your prayers especially my parents, Ernie and Deanna. 

ONLY ONE SERVICE THIS SUNDAY! 10:30am with the Rev. Katie Solter preaching and celebrating. 



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