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This Week at St. Patrick's September 12, 2018

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Grace and peace. We celebrated an amazing Kick-Off Sunday this past week which means that we are off to an amazing start of programming. This Sunday, we will offer a preview of our Sunday School for children. Jenifer Gamber, Assistant to the Rector serving as the Day School Chaplain, will be telling a Godly Play story during the sermon time in the nave. Godly Play is an approach that helps them to explore their faith through stories, to gain religious language, and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play. This will be another introduction to Jenifer and to what our Sunday School will look like beginning on September 23 when our children will leave for Sunday School in the Church Library for a portion of the 10am service. I hope that high school students and adults will be inspired to learn how to share stories in the Godly Play style with our children. There is a Godly Play workshop on October 5-6 at St. Alban’s Church for those interested. 
Other things that begin this coming Sunday:
1. The Discovery Class will be offered at 9:00am. If you are interested in learning more about Christianity and the Episcopal Church, this is the perfect class for you. It can lead to Confirmation or Reception in the Episcopal Church (if that is something you want to participate in) or it can be a refresher on the basics of our life in faith. Let me know if you have questions. 
2. Enough, a book study about adopting simplicity and generosity to improve our quality of life, will begin at 11:15 in the Church Library.  
3. The 7-8th Grade Classy will run from 5:45-7:30pm. The Classy is Music, Fellowship, and Confirmation preparation for our youth. 
St. Patrick’s has a long tradition helping form seminarians into priests and bishops. Michael Palmisano is 


returning to St. Patrick’s this year. Michael will be preaching, helping with the liturgy and will be leading formation with our pastoral care committee. Joimel (Joy) Hernandez will be joining us for a year at St. Patrick’s. Joi is a native of Cuba who moved to Washington two years ago. He will be ordained as a transitional deacon in November by Bishop Mariann. Joi will be here for only a year because he is completing a one-year certificate program in Anglican Studies. He already holds a master’s in theology from a Presbyterian seminary in Cuba. At St. Patrick’s, he will exploring church administration, liturgy, and preaching. I am looking for parishioners to serve on Joy’s support committee.


Top Photo credit:  Jeffrey Kim

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