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This Week at St. Patrick's September 20, 2017

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Grace and peace. One of the most overused words is ‘fair.’ People arguing different sides of the same issue use it against each other. Depending on your perspective, ‘fair’ can mean different things which is what causes the problem. The word is powerful because most humans claim to want things to be fair. Problems arise when fair is misconstrued to mean just or ethical. Over the past several weeks, our gospel lessons have been about forgiveness. I encourage you to listen to last Sunday’s sermon to get a feel for what God expects from us. This week, we will hear Jesus’ parable about how unfair God’s Kingdom is. God is concerned with justice, generosity and equity, not fairness. I will be talking about what this means to us as Christians this Sunday.

The Alpha course started last Sunday. The first session was answering the questions, “Is there more to life than this?” You are welcome to drop in for Alpha at any time. This week’s topic is “Who is Jesus?” The Alpha course begins with lunch at noon followed by a presentation and small group discussion concluding at 1:30.


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