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ThisWeek at St. Patrick's October 31, 2018

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From the Rector

Grace and peace. The shooting in Pittsburgh this past Saturday was tragic. There is no place for violence in our world. I am angry that people can’t even take a sabbath without being afraid for their lives. As I read the biographies of the victims, I felt like the Tree of Life Synagogue was very similar to the people of St. Patrick’s. In my Sunday sermon, I noted that it is normal and even healthy to be angry. It is normal to get angry when something or somebody is important to us. And humans have many relationships that are important: family, friends, our city, country, the environment, and the human race. Positive transformation of the world begins with someone in the relationship being angry with the status quo. That is good for any relationship because it forces the relationship to be re-created to meet a shifting need. That said, there is no place for letting anger fester into violence. Anger needs to be expressed, heard, appreciated and then adjustment made through compromise and collaboration. I pray that we will find a way to balance our differences in a way that will open up a new way of life for us together. 
Last Sunday, we held an amazing party to celebrate community and to raise some funds to keep St. Patrick’s moving forward. I want to thank everyone who helped make the community web a success from donors of items and parties, to decorators, and those who signed up. I want to especially thank our Senior Warden, Lalie Tongour. Without her leadership, the event would not have happened. The signups will continue with new gatherings being added in the new year. The revenue after Sunday’s kickoff was $8,000. 
Mona Hanford, a long-time St. Patrick’s parishioner and a former staff member of both the Church and Day School, died this past Friday, October 26. Mona inspired us with her passion for lessening the anxiety at the end of life. While terminally ill, she wrote The Graceful Exit and organized last month’s Hope at the End conference. A service of celebration for Mona’s life will be held at St. Patrick’s on Saturday, November 17 at 3pm followed immediately by interment in the columbarium and a reception in the Great Hall. 


P.S. We remember those who have died and continue to inspire us on All Saints' Sunday (November 4, 2018). Please send names of those who have died in the past year that will be read during the service to  and send pictures of important saints in your life to  (please include the person's name).  


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