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Our adults are active in a variety of ministries both as part of St. Patrick's and in the wider world. We offer education for adults throughout the year. In the past couple of years, we have made sense of the Bible, discussed racism in the 21st Century, taken the Bible Challenge, studied the life and ministry of Paul, developed a rule of life, and looked at the Holy Land from the perspective of the Bible.  

Throughout the year, the clergy and seminarians offer formation classes that are announced in This Week at St. Patrick's and scheduled either on Sunday morning or on an evening during the week. We are beginning to record our class offerings and they will be available anytime. [Holy Land and the Bible] We hope that every member of St. Patrick's will participate in a class offering at least once a year.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

This informal Bible study meets from 9:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. every Wednesday morning. The group reads the Gospel for the coming Sunday and uses a friendly format for reflection and discussion. All are welcome. Neither preparation nor regular attendance are required.  At 11am, a service of Holy Eucharist and Healing is held in the All Saints' chapel. For further information, contact:  Martha Johnson or Carol Hylton.

Senior Saints

Usually quarterly, senior members of St. Patrick's (self-defined) gather for a lunch in the Church Library. The group is joined by the clergy and other special guests for fellowship and support. Follow This Week at St. Patrick's for more information. 


Cantoris Choir

Our Cantoris Choir provides special music and congregational support at most of the 10:00am services, with anthems covering a broad spectrum of traditional pieces from the Renaissance through the present day. Several “major works” throughout the season provide challenge and inspiration. It is open to adults and young persons of high school age.    Rehearsals are weekly September – June

Drum Corps

Two beautiful Timpani, and a new Gretsch Drum Set are parts of the collection of terrific instruments here at St. Patrick’s and parishioners 5th grade and up (that includes adults!!) are invited to join in the fun. Just schedule a Sunday and commit to a weekday rehearsal beforehand. 

So all of you table top drummers, now is your chance!  Sign up for a Sunday, schedule a rehearsal and let yourself play!

Family Choir/Seraphim Choir

This lively group meets occasionally on Sunday morning throughout the year. We gather at 9:15 before the 10:00am service for donuts and coffee, before rehearsing a simple contemporary anthem to assist in leading morning worship. It is open to all (from 1 – 92!) and provides an opportunity in music for those unable to commit to a weekly rehearsal.

St. Patrick’s Peal

Our handbell groups are varied (One-Rehearsal Handbells, 7th/8th grade Classy...) and are open to Grade 5 through Adult.  Family “teams" are welcome to participate together. Music reading is not essential, though musical training happens as we rehearse. Rehearsal is by session September – May.

Please contact Dr. Adele Lynch for more information.


Community Leadership 

We rely upon our members to help lead St. Patrick's. We encourage everyone to help the community by joining at least one of these groups:


Ushers provide the support and hospitality that makes our worship and Sunday morning offerings a reality. Ushers should plan to arrive and stay after the service by about 15 minutes. Contact Virginia Hurt to be added to the Usher team. 


Servers help the clergy with the leadership of worship service. Servers should plan to arrive 15 minutes early to put on vestments and to do last minute service preparations. If you are interested in becoming a server, contact the Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard

Altar Guild

The group of people who prepare and clean up the altar area before and after a worship service. Altar Guild members should arrive early and expect to stay after to complete their very important ministry. Contact Karen Melchar to join the Altar Guild. 

Flower Guild

The members of the flower guild work in two-person teams to arrange the flowers for Sunday morning. Usually, this work is done on Friday or Saturday for the upcoming week. Contact Trisha Heatherman to join the Flower Guild.


Public reading of scripture is an important part of our worship. Readers are provided a reading via email on Thursday or Friday in preparation for Sunday. Contact Karen Melchar to be added to the list of Readers. 

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

The Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM) help with worship at the time of communion distribution. Contact the Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard if you are interested in becoming a LEM.

Newcomer Committee

St. Patrick's is a welcoming place with a goal of bringing new people into the community. We rely on volunteers to reach out to prospective new members and share the news about this place. If you are gifted as a welcomer, contact  Senior Warden Lalie Tongour to be a part of the Newcomer Committee. 

Stewardship Committee

An annual stewardship campaign takes place every year at St. Patrick's. The campaign is led by a committee of people who want every member to participate. With their work, much of the ministries that we do cannot happen. If you are interested in helping with stewardship, contact Nicole Chapin Duke

Outreach Committee

We do many outreach activities every year and hold fundraisers to support St. Patrick's work in the community. The Outreach Committee oversees this work. If you are interested in joining this group of people, contact Marilyn Nowalk

Finance Committee

This new committee will work with the Parish treasurer to create a budget and a financial plan so that St. Patrick's can complete its mission. Contact Jay Sommerkamp to join the Finance Committee. 


The Vestry is the elected leadership of St. Patrick's. Every year, at least three people are elected for two-year terms along with three wardens. If you are interested in serving, let Senior Warden Lalie Tongour know.