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Our Hope

There are many things going on at St. Patrick's. The regular and special events are kept on an online calendar on this website. Follow the Event tab on your right. Notices are also offered in This Week at St. Patrick's.  

Every Sunday and on special feast and celebrations, a sermon is recorded and is available in our sermon archive. Follow the Sermon tab on your right. The sermons are also distributed through our Facebook and Twitter feed. The sermons give you a feel for St. Patrick's by hearing the faithful questions we are asking ourselves. Parishioners return here to remember a sermon that was particularly meaningful to them. 

Classes and special events are remembered through picture and video on articles published on our website. If you miss something, check here to catch up by following the Articles tab on your right. 

We hope that you will find our resources helpful in learning more about us and deepening your faith. The resources are updated regularly. Every week, on Wednesday, we publish a newsletter called This Week at St. Patrick's. It is sent out via email and can also be accessed online (Follow the Weekly Newsletter tab on your right), through Facebook, and Twitter. Please subscribe to our email:  




If you ever have questions about any material you’ve come across, please don’t hesitate to reach out.