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Haiti Update after Hurricane Matthew

10.06.16 | News

Haiti Update after Hurricane Matthew

    Read this update from our partner parish in Haiti, and learn more about how to help.

    Dear friends of Haiti:

    Like many of you, We have watched, read and listened in horror as Hurricane Matthew approached and then devastated our beloved Haiti.

    We are pleased to report that we have been in touch with many of our friends and colleagues in St. Etienne, and while material damage has been great, there has been no loss of life in our village. Here is an excerpt from the update from Pere Jean Milor Medela, the priest in charge of St. Etienne Church and School:

    I’m fine, thank God, as is my family. The (situation) is quite difficult: the farms have been destroyed, and the livestock (goats, cows) are missing. There are a lot of damaged houses. The roofs have fallen down. At the church, the (metal sheet) roof has blown away, as it has off the guest house. At the school, the roof of the teacher dormitory has been blown off and must be replaced. The other buildings (with concrete roofs) are in good condition. For now this is the situation. We are currently recording the damage. Any support we can give to people in our community is most appreciated.

    We have heard from many of you asking how you can help. While St. Patrick’s will assist with some immediate disaster relief, our ongoing support of the area will continue to provide relief long after the flood waters have receded. Here’s how your gift to St. Patrick’s Haiti Partnership can help:

    The farms are destroyed, the animals are gone, and the people are hungry. St. Patrick’s provides school lunch 3 days each week to students, and will supplement in the coming weeks with emergency food distribution for the whole community.

    Children and families are traumatized by the situation, and are craving normality. St. Etienne School provides not only that safe and stable place, but a path to a future beyond subsistence living.

    Though we do not plan any major construction projects, we will help repair the church and school structures so community life can get back to normal.

    Members of the St. Patrick’s community are linked here in Washington and beyond to aid agencies. Where we can, we will connect the community to other NGO partners who may be able to help with larger projects such as rebuilding homes and agricultural support.

    Most importantly, we will ask the community of St. Etienne for their assessment of the need, their plans, and how our donors’ support can best assist them.

    The St. Patrick’s Haiti Partnership has operated for almost 40 years with no paid staff. Every dollar you donate will go directly to program support. Every cent goes directly from St. Patrick’s into the St. Etienne community.

    How can you help? Please share our story with others and consider making a one-time or regular gift. Click the "Donate" link below to make a secure online donation or learn how to donate by mail. 



    Click here to donate through the St. Patrick’s Church website

    Stpatrickschurchdc.org/donate/social concerns/Haiti