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Haitian Art Sale 2017

12.13.17 | Haiti

    Background on artists of the Haitian Art Sale currently hung at St. Patrick's.

    These are some very special pieces that have been donated back to the church for resale. This art, as you will see, is gallery quality and priced by our good friends Lionel and Bernard DeLatour. One hundred percent of the sale price will go to the St. Patrick’s Haiti Partnership Program. We are willing to negotiate on the prices.

    View the paintings currently hanging at St. Patrick's by clicking here.

    Biographies of artists:

    Saincilus Ismael (deceased), was born April 24, 1940 in Petite Riviere de L'Artibonite. He completed his studies at Freres de Saint-Marc and Lycee Antenor Firmin. Ismael began drawing at age seven, and then began to paint in 1956 after visiting the Centre d'Art and the Foyer des Arts Plastiques. In 1967 he led a group of artists who were commissioned to paint the community exposition hall at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles. He later became the director of the Ceramic Centre there.

    For political reasons, Ismael spent a total of seven years in prison at different times during the regimes of the Duvaliers. He is very much respected in the art world, within as well as outside of Haiti. Considered the progenitor of the Artibonite style of painting, Ismael's students included Michel-Ange Altidort, Alix Dorleus, Errol Louis, and Carlos Jn. Baptiste.

    Ismael's paintings, rendered with the intricacy of a Byzantine icon, are instantly recognizable. He painted scenes of Haitian peasant life, as well as religous-themed paintings that often mixed or combined Christianity and Vaudou.

    Even after his death in March 2000, Ismael is still considered one of the foremost contemporary Haitian painters.


    Levoy Exil, born in Fermate on December 7,1944, is one of the founders of "Saint Soleil". He worked for a few years with Tiga, Louisianne St Fleurant, Dieusel Paul Prospere Pierre-Louis in that school of painting depicting Voodoo, borrowing little from other painting schools or styles. In his book Where Art is Joy" Seldon Rodman, praised Levoy Exil's talent and lyricism. Levoy has exhibited widely with the other "Saint Soleil" artists in France, Haiti. Levoy has exhibited individually in Poland, and Paris in 1998 at the "Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais. Levoy lives in Thomassin and still paints.

    ONEL, Lionel Paul was born on March 2, 1966 in Soissons la Montagne. He belongs to the younger generation of the movement called “The New Saint Soleil.” At 6 years old, he attended an art school run by Exil Levoy's wife, Lucienne Fermathe Simeus. The school was supported by Tiga Art Materials and Maud Robart. In 1973, ONEL became an apprentice in the workshop of Exile Levoy. In 1989, under the leadership of Tiga, ONEL moved towards recycling textile art that expanded with the use of sawdust and gluing objects. ONEL is one of the few painters who stand out from traditional modes of figurative Saint-Soleil movement painters to provide innovative figural forms. A work of ONEL is illustrated in the cover of issue 205 of the magazine devoted to conjonction, New St. Sun.

    Andre Blaise is the youngest of the four Blaise brothers; they called him ti-Andre. All were internationally known and he grew up in the atelier behind Galerie and with Serge Moleon, is one of the two who are still alive. The other two were the internationally known St. Louis Blaise who died at age 38 of a rare blood disease (which was not AIDS) and Fabolon Blaise, who passed at age 28 of a mistreated stomach ulcer .

    Andre was born in Cap Haitien in January 1961 although he does not know the date, according to the excellent book Artistes en Haiti, by Michele Grandjean.

    His mother was a vendor of fruits and vegetables and his father was a mechanic and tax collector in the markets of LeCap. By the time he was 12, Andre was living in Carrefour painting in the company of his famous brothers. In the Blaise atelier it was not uncommon for more than one brother to work on the same painting. After experimenting with various styles, Andre seems to have settled on painting fish. He portrays them with human characteristics, great humor and the technical virtuosity that is characteristic of the Blaise family. He has two children and lives in Port-au-Prince


    Saincilus Ismael

    8 x 10-- $500

    12 x 18-- $800

    20 x 24--$1800


    Levoy Exil
    6 x 23-- $400

    12 x 23--$450

    7 x 52-- $500



              20 x 24-$500



              12 x 16--$350