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What does a pledge support?

10.11.18 | News

What does a pledge support?

    Introduction to pledging and how pledges are used at St. Patrick's

    Why is pledging important to your spiritual life?

    Jesus taught that giving, serving, and loving are much more important than the things we are taught by our culture: power, authority, a good address, and cars. There is no perfect place to learn these counter-cultural priorities, but churches are our attempt to build communities of loving support that allow us to reflect on the truly important things. At the heart of a church are ways to build generosity. Generosity forces us to think about others more than ourselves. Finding that deeper meaning of life is a key attribute of giving and important to spiritual development and a life worth living.

    How much should I pledge?

    A pledge is a very personal question. It has to do with your priorities. The Bible recommends a tithe or 10% of income be pledged to the church. We hope that everyone will consider a gift that makes sense based the needs of your family and try to raise your level of giving every year. The average pledge at St. Patrick's for every family unit is $4,000. Annual pledges range from over $20,000 to $50. Every pledge is important to the ongoing ministries at St. Patrick's. 

    How will your pledge contribute to the life of St. Patrick’s?

    The easy answer is that pledges are the lifeblood of all that we do. Pledges allow us to fulfill our mission by providing worship, music, pastoral care, and education. Pledges allow us to be a resource to our community and to support mission projects in DC and in Haiti. The support of our parishioners is key to making that happen. Thank you.

    The charts on this page are how the Vestry budgeted to accomplish St. Patrick's goals. As you can see, our biggest income category are pledges. We also raise money to support outreach efforts, receive non-pledge donations, generate facility usage income, and through rental of an apartment in our building. Our biggest expense is compensation and benefits for our three full-time employees and our part-time bookkeeper. We have an amazingly talented team. We also spend money on outreach ministries and for the upkeep of our building and our programming. The Diocesan Pledge helps maintain the bishop’s office, her work, and the wider Episcopal Church.

    If you have questions about the budget of St. Patrick’s, please contact the Treasurer Harry Teter.

    As you can see, from the above charts, St. Patrick's relies heavily upon the pledges of our parishioners. We can't continue to maintain the ministry programs without your help which includes our Sunday School, music programming, and pastoral care or our many outreach efforts. Over 25% of our expenses support causes outside of our walls and it derives from the generous support of our parishioners. 

    Does the Day School support the Parish of St. Patrick's?

    We get this question all the time. The Day School is one of the Parish's ministries. That means that the Church and the Day School are one entity under the direction of the Vestry. There is a shared use agreement between the Church and the Day School for the upkeep of the facility (including maintenance and utilities). There are no rental or pledge fees paid by the Day School to the Church or vice versa.